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Author: Matthew Allison
Explosion that my have begun the universe about 14 billion years ago.
Outer layer of the sun's atmosphere.
Forward force produced in a rocket engine.
Huge collection of stars, gas, and dust that travel together through space.
Mirror that curves inward.
Vary small, hot star.
Valley caused by a crack in the crust of a planet .
A group of stars that form a pattern in the sky.
Echo- sounding system that bounces sounds waves off the ocean floor.
Violent explosion where a star is blown apart.
Massive star that has collapsed and whose gravity is so powerful that it pulls in everything, even light.
Dark, cool area on Sun's surface.
Lump of ice, frozen gas, and dust that orbits the Sun.
Lens that is thicker in the middle than it is at the edges.
Rock or metal that enters Earth's atmosphere.
Cloud of gas and dust in space.
Ball of gases that gives off light and heat.
Round hole on the moon surface .
Unit of measurement equal to about 10 trillion km .
The study of Earth's oceans .
Reaction in which atomic nuclei combine to form larger nuclei.
Study of stars, planets, and other objects in space.
Natural or artificial object orbiting anther body in space.
Pattern of different colors of light coming from an object.
Flattened circle, or oval.