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Humanizing Psychology

Team 10: Katie Freeman, Makell Spencer,
Brynn Christofferson,
Ethan Watterson

This branch of psychology is cousin to clinical psychology.
German neurologist; claimed performance is holistic.
The way humans refer to the source or cause of their actions.
Known for his client centered therapy
Likely to claim failing a test was due to situational circumstances.
The kind of behavior caused by the person’s disposition or abilities.
Roger’s method of listening, satirically thought of as parroting.
Rogers theorized that tension between this version of the self and the “actual” self could become a source of anxiety which could potentially turn into psychopathology.
The shape by which Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is often depicted.
A branch of psychology that was Division 12 in the APA.
The kind of leadership that Rogers steered away from but was studied in the well-known shock and prison experiments.
Building blocks of Maslow’s pyramid.
The kind of behavior caused by the situation/environment.
Name of a leading theorist in humanistic psychology and someone he deemed “self-actualized”.
Another descriptor Maslow used to refer to peak experiences (in other words, a word he used in place of the word “peak”).
We fill these kinds of needs or we start to get sick.
Once other needs are filled, these needs are what we aspire to.
Predecessor to what is now known as PTSD.
The second kind of need required to be met before moving up in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.
Located in Boston — Maslow taught here.