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latin America crossword

Teacher: Mrs. Asher
Grasslands of western Venezuela and northeastern Colombia
A high plateau
A political system in which people or lands are controlled by one ruler
It is the driest non-polar desert in the world
What islands are west of Ecuador
The heartland, or place of origin, of a major culture
The shared attitudes, knowledge and behaviors of a group
Strip of land that connects two landmasses
The capital of Honduras
Mountainous and hilly sections of a county
What is larges river basin
A broad, flat area of land higher than the surrounding land
It borders Belize, El Salvador, and Honduras
It borders Peru, Paraguay, Chile, and Argentina
What is the western mountains
The smaller Caribbean islands southeast of the Greater Antilles
A large rigid section of the Earth's crust that is in constant motion
Grassy plains in South-central South America
A broadleaf tree region in a tropical climate
A chain of islands