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Chapter 8- Health Law

A source of law created by legislative bodies
Wrong or improper act
Living Will
The relationship between the defendant's conduct and the harm that was suffered
How health information is disseminated externally
When a defendant files a complaint against a third party
Owned and managed by the individual who is the subject of the record
A lawsuit by a defendant against a plaintiff
Theories under which lawsuits are brought that are related to professional liability
A court's legal authority to make decisions
Unintentional wrongdoing
Outlines the defendant's alleged wrongdoing
Involves rights & duties among private entities or individuals
Data about data and include information that track actions
The submission of a dispute to a third party
The professional liability of healthcare providers
Gives an individual permission to practice or an organization to operate
A document that always specifies an individuals wish not to receive treatment
Degree of caution expected of an ordinary and reasonable person under given circumstances
The court allowing consideration as evidence
Improper performance during an otherwise correct act
One's agreement to receive medical treatment
Initiates a lawsuit
Compels a response in a legal proceeding
A wrongful act that results in injury to another