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Social Psychology: Chapter 7 Terms

(*) after a clue indicates two word answer with no empty grid space between the words
A sense of “normlessness,” where there is little consensus about what is right and wrong
People who try to obtain the goals of society through accepted means
The process by which individuals index thoughts, feelings, and behaviors from their own perspective
People who share the goals of society with conformists but employ illegitimate means to obtain those goals
A component of social control theory referring to emotional bonds with other people in society
Someone who approves of the ways people should live their lives but gives up trying to obtain societal goals
Any behavior that departs from accepted practices in a society or group
An attribute that is deeply discrediting
Attempts to hide an undisclosed stigma by concealing information about it
Component of social control theory referring to people’s respect for law and order in society
Component of social control theory referring to an individual’s desire to obtain societal goals through legitimate means
The process by which individuals think about a behavior within its social context and give meaning to it
People who neither accept the goals of the larger society nor the means to achieve those goals
Keeping a known stigma from creating tensions in interactions by downplaying it
People labeled as deviants who accept the deviant labels