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Law and society

Teacher: Mr Kent
A previous legal decision that serves as a rule or pattern in future cases
... is the system of law governing social interaction and the correct way of living, particularly marriage, in traditional Australian Aboriginal culture
In a criminal case the jury must decide if the party is guilty beyond reasonable _ _ _ _ _
The number of people in a jury in a criminal civil case is _ _ _.
Disorder + confusion due to the absence of government or laws
A system in which two parties oppose each other
The party bringing a criminal action against the accused
An application to review the decision in a higher court
A party that commences civil action
failure to take proper care over something: "his injury was due to the carelessness of his employers" synonyms: carelessness · lack of care · lack of proper care and attention
A serious criminal offence like murder is referred to as an _____________ Offence
The highest court in Australia
In a civil trial the jury must decide on the _ _ _ _ N _ _ of probabilities
In common law jurisdictions, a _ _ _ _ is a civil wrong that unfairly causes someone else to suffer loss or harm resulting in legal liability.
To take other people to court to claim for damages or loss is to _ _ _ someone.
A minor offence.