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Author: Salsa
Recollection. I will express the __ of God's abundant goodness. Psalm 145:7
Behavior pattern. One __ overcomes another. Thomas A Kempis
Who is responsible 4 my happiness?
Christian word 4 love or wide open
Not studied. A Bible __ can mean disaster ahead
Marvelous. What a wildly __ world, God! Psalm 104:24
Realm. Sin is the devil's __
Feel. U won't __ God's goodness until U quit your badness
Post script (ab)
Cotton machine or booze
Sicily volcano. Secret sin will show up & blow up like Mount __
Complies. A soldier who __ orders may escape certain death
Hawaiian leaf used in offerings to idols
Is the cross the only ladder to heaven?
Preserves. Bless the Lord who daily __ me
Fresh. God helps me 2 C __ hope on the horizon
Post Office (ab)
Broad. The road to heaven is straight & narrow, not __. Matthew 7:14
Horror. Knowing the __ of the Lord, we persuade people to repent. 2 Corinthians 5:11
Stallion. Sin is a Trojan __
Advantage. Give God the __ of the doubt
Medieval Mediterranean hilltop art village on French Riviera
Transgressor. My sin was incurable b/c I imagine I was not a __. Saint Augustine
Small (ab)
Act. What I __ with Jesus today determines what He does with me tomorrow
Jesus. Those who give themselves to __ are delivered from countless evils. Fenelon
Palm or pine. Good food is from God's __ of life
Recall. My God, let me __ You with gratitude. Augustine
Girl. Eve was Eden's __ pal
Female sheep
Advantage. Give God the __ of the doubt
Awesome. God answers us with __ deeds of righteousness. Psalm 65:5
Example given (ab)
Spoil. Sin will __ your life & afterlife!
Optimistic Perspective (ab)
Blesses. Approach God believing he __ those who seek Him. Hebrews 11:6
Avoiding. Y R U __ from God if U know He is good?
Load. Guilt is a heavy __ 2 bear
Facts. Open the Bible 2 C __ on God's goodness!
Bugle. Continue sinning & U won't be ready when God's __ sounds
Country mom. __ & pa shop
1st Paradise. Adam & Eve focused on the forbidden in __ rather than relishing God's good food
Stretchable waistband
Enjoyment. God takes no __ in our pain
Town. On earth we have no permanent __ but seek the 1 God is preparing 4 the 4given. Hebrews 13:14
Variety. I meditate on God's rich __ of blessings
Imperil. Sin will __ your immortal soul
Go inside. Doubt & discouragement R from a fatal source. They R inlets by which evil can __. HW Smith
Observed. Eye has not __ what Jesus has prepared 4 those who love Him. 1 Corinthians 2:9
Roman numeral 2
Southeast (ab)
Composure. __ is my stability ability 2 trust God in trials
Redemptive Faith (ab)
Valentine shape. In every pang that rends the __, the Man of Sorrows has a part. M.Bruce
Wizard of __
Sleep. I put my fear to __ b/c I know God will be up all night anyway
Morning moisture
Who is responsible 4 the sins I commit?
General Electric (ab)
Focusing on God's goodness is __ antidote 4 temptation