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Science Vocabulary

Teacher: By: Olivia Bialowicz
The rock that makes up Earth's Crust
The construction of buildings, roads, dams , and other structures
Catch fire easily and can begin burning at fairly high temperatures
The process of reclaiming raw materials and reusing them
When oil is refined to make gasoline and other petroluem products, solid materials
Is a mixture of rock fragments, nutrients, water, air, decaying animal and plant matter.
Unplanted with crops
The very top layer of dead leaves and grass
Is the removal nonrenewable resources such as iron, copper, and coal from the land
Are wastes that react very quickly when exposed to air or water, or that explode when they are dropped (reactive wastes)
A substance that can be broken down and recycled by bacteria and other decomposers
A process of helping the natural decomposition processes break down many forms of waste
Waste is any material that can be harmful to human health or the environment if it is not properly disposed of
Rainwater falling on the wastes dissolved chemicals from the waste, forming a polluted waste
Below topsoil contains rock fragments, water, and air, but less decaying plant matter than topsol
Are wastes that can contain unstable atoms
The process by which water, wind, or ice moves particles of rock or soil
Are wastes that dissolve or eat through many materials
Or poisonous wastes are wastes that can damage the health of humans and other organisms