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"Cherokee's Crossword on Physical and Chemical Changes"

When you break a glow stick that is a what type of change
Bent metal is a what type of change
What type of change DOES NOT create new matter
A process where the degree of hotness or coolness changes drastically is a what type of change
A process where one or more substances are altered into one or more different substances is a what type of change
Physical changes are usually
Changes affecting the form of a chemical substance but is not a chemical composition is a what type of change
What type of changes create new matter
What type of change changes in state or phrase
What type of changes are freezing ,boiling, and melting
Chemical changes are when the substance changes into a different type of what
When a ice cube melts it is a
Chemical changes are
When a nail rust it is a
When wood buns and turns into ash is what type of change