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Biology 2nd semester crossword

Teacher: moises
When there are two different alleles for a trait.
Branch of biology that studies heredity.
Structural adaptation that enables one species to resemble another species.
Mutation that occurs when single base is added or deleted from DNA.
A change in random error in a DNA sequence.
Paired chromosomes with genes for the same traits arranged in the same order.
A n animal with an endoskeleton and a backbone.
Physical evidence of an organisms existence long ago.
Characteristic that is inherited.
Third phase of mitosis in which the centromers split and the chromatid pairs of each chromosome are pulled apart by microtubules
Earliest stages of growth and development of both plants and animals.
Process of converting information in mRNA into a sequence of amino acid in a protein.
Segment of DNA that controls the protein production and the cell cycle.
Condition in which the frequency of alleles in a population remains the same over years.
Mammals that don't have a backbone
Structural adaptation that enables species to blend with their surroundings.
Diploid cell formed when a sperm fertilizes an egg.
The study of life that seeks to provide an understanding of the natural world.
Means by which the DNA from another species can be carried out into the host cell.
Process in the cell nucleus where enzymes make an RNA copy of a DNA.
Gradual change in a species through adaptations over time.
All of the alleles in a populations genes
Passing on of characteristics from parents to offspring.
Type of cell division where one body cell produces four gametes, each containing half the number of chromosomes as a parent cell body.
Alternative form of a gene for each variation of a trait of an organism.