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Physical Science 7

Unit of resistance
In a ____ circuit, if one appliance of bulb is off, everything is off
Type of insulator around a wire
Caused by superheated air crashing back together
"AA" batteries are ___ cells
Negatively charged atomic particle
Source of electricity to charge a car's battery
Precious metal that is a great conductor
Unit of current
Atomic particle with no charge
Common source of voltage for a circuit
A dry cell has a ____ rod in the center
____ are generally good conductors
A lightning ___ can protect buildings
Opens and closes a circuit
Used to keep circuits from being overloaded
Positively charged atomic particle
Amount of electricity flowing through a circuit
Unit of voltage
Huge amount of static electricity
In a ___ circuit, one appliance or bulb can be off and the others on
Measured in kilowatt hours
Unit of electrical energy
Cars have ___ cell batteries
Type of electricity you get from a carpet