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History Crossword :)

This acronym was a group created by MLK Jr.
This idea came from younger African Americans in the late 60s that embraced their culture.
A white supremacist group supported by the KKK.
A group that broke away from Democrats after Hubert Humphrey made a statement about human rights.
This event was a series of conflicts between Mexican Americans and white Americans
This was launched by the Soviet Union and scared Americans about how "advanced" the SU was.
LBJ's main mission during his presidency.
A volunteer campaign in the U.S. to register as many African Americans as possible for voting.
A failed invasion into Cuba led by JFK.
The Republican nominee for the 1964 election.
This separated East and West Germany
Piece of legislation that stated that the U.S. could give out war supplies to any nation that are vital to U.S. defense