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Teacher: Robert
Wrote 95 Thesis (last name)
Allow for Lutheranism to be practiced in Holy Roman empire in 1555 (3 word)
Wrote The Prince
Holy Roman Emperor who failed to stop Luther and denied an annulment to Henry VIII
Divided areas to be explored by the Portuguese and Spanish (3 words)
Invented printing press
Wrote Romeo and Juliet, Othello, and Midsummer Night's Dream
Government controlled by the church
Purchased pardons for sins sold by the Catholic church
Spread Catholicism through education
Painted Mona Lisa and Last Supper (3 words)
Led first expedition to circumnavigate the globe
Calvinist in France
"Rebirth" of culture in Europe
Wrote Utopia
Painted ceiling of Sistine Chapel and sculpted David and La Pieta
One-sheet newspapers
King of England who broke from church over divorce
Religious reformer who believed in Predestination (last name)