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Earth Science Review

Biome having less than 10 inches of rainfall per year
Cold front overtakes a warm front
Warms the lower layer of the atmosphere
Split atoms apart
Earth wobbles on its axis
Most abundant gas in the atmosphere
Direction of ocean current deflection in the southern hemisphere
Footprint of resources for human sustainability
Movement of surface air in a low pressure system
Center of a hurricane
Mountains formed by continent to continent convergence
Electromagnetic wave reflected by the Earth's magnetosphere
Motion of Earth caused by the Sun
Air filled with water vapor
Coldest layer of the atmosphere
Caused by moon's gravity
Plate plunges
Factors involving living things
Outer layer of the sun
Causes holes in the ozone layer
Capacity of an environment to support the maximum number of individuals
Soil found in eastern US
Cold front weather symbol
Factor most affecting the development of soil
An example of an abiotic factor for plants
Reflect incoming solar radiation
Gets hotter than the ocean in the summer