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Grade 6, chapter 18

Teacher: Ms. McGranaghan
The pious party, the disagreed with the Jews accepting Greek culture and religion.
He presents hope for the survival of the Jewish people and the return of the kingdom begun by David.
He is a symbol that reminds us of the resurrection.
The first Jewish king of Judah since 587 B.C.
The book of ___ was about a wealthy Jew living in Nineveh and God's providence in his life.
The Greek party of Jews who favored Greek culture and religion.
This book __ is a mixture of fact and fiction designed to offer hope to a defeated people.
His primary concern was to please Rome.
Providence is the principle theme in the book of __ where God saves the people from their enemies.
The Hasidim party formed while he reigned in Judah.
His name means "my messenger' and he spoke of a messenger who would prepare the way for true repentance.
This festival celebrates the deeds of the people of God who refused to give up their faith.
The feast celebrates the day when Esther saved God's people.
Judah lost it independence to them.
He uses images to show the people the need for true repentance.
The prophet __ said the worship must lead the people to act with justice, especially toward the poor
He gives insight into the long years of Babylonian exile and Persian domination.