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Animal Science - Cattle and Swine

A bull is an adult male that has not been castrated.
Bovine is a term that relates to cattle.
An adult female over two years of age is called a cow.
An isowean piglet is a baby pig weighing 10 -12 #s.
Porkchops are an excellent meat choice that comes from swine animals.
Morningside College is a great place to attend college.
Cattle often graze in a pasture.
The science and art of cultivating planets and livestock is called agriculture.
Steaks are a cut of meat from cows that people enjoy.
A young female does that has not borne a calf is called a heifer.
Bacon is a grocery item that is a popular cut of meat that comes from a pig.
A feedlot is a confined space where cattle are kept on feed.
Finishers are buildings that house swine that weigh between 40 and 290#s. Pigs stay here for 4-5 months prior to market.
Female/Mother pig is a sow.
Market weight is the size or weight of an animal when it is slaughtered.
A nursery is a building where isowean piglets are kept.
Hamburger is ground up meat from cattle.
Female pig having its first liter is called a gilt.