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7th Grade Science Vocabulary

Author: KJS
The best subject in school
He sailed on the HMS Beagle to the Galapagos Islands
The appearance of inherited traits in an organism
A very cold and dry biome
The protective layer of the atmosphere that protects us from UV rays
The type of energy harnessed from moving water
An identification key that has two choices per characteristic
The evaporation of water from a plant
The increase of a pesticide in the bodies of organisms as you move up the food chain
The soaking of water through the soil
The overgrowth of algae when too much fertilizer enters a body of water
An organisms that makes its own food
A type of symbiosis in which both species benefit
Ultimate source of energy
The type of water pollution associated with power plants
Active during the day
A nonliving factor in an environment
The type of precipitation that results from Nitrogen and Sulfur oxides mixing with water vapor
A group of the same species in the same place at the same time
A biome only found in the Northern Hemisphere
Active at dawn and dusk
A marsh, bog, or swamp
A cell that has a nucleus
The theory that explains how species change over time
A trait whose genes are carried on the X-chromosome
A type of resource that is used up faster than it is replaced
The maximum number of organisms an environment can support
The law that states that in undisturbed rock layers the oldest is on the bottom
The era that contains most of Earth's history
Active at night
The type of soil in the Arctic
The type of bonding that occurs between water molecules