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Earth Science Crossword

Seasonal change in wind direction.
The Temperature at which relative humidity reaches 100%.
Instrument used to measure humidity.
When the air has as much water as it can hold.
Force exerted by weight of air above.
Rain, Freezing Rain, Sleet, Snow, Hail are all this.
"river of air".
Center of low pressure
Boundary warm and cool air masses.
Horizontal movement of air.
A type of Fog, occurs when a humid air mass moves over a cool surface.
Counter current that flows southward along Ecuador and Peru. Related to Southern Oscillation.
Temp Changes due to change in pressure.
Center of high pressure
Total kinetic energy in atoms and molecules.
The apparent deflection of wind due to Earth's rotation.
Measure of quantity of water vapor. "mixing ratio".
A line that connects points of equal temperature.
A type of heat transfer through space, where no matter is required.
A line that connects points of equal pressure.
Low altitude cloud.