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neglecting to take a side
having a good perception for others feelings and dealing with gently
showing positive attiude toward interacion
behaving itself in accepted by socity way
straight in thoughts, actions and choosing the shortest way to the aim
careing of a relationship beauty with beloved
lacking flexibility of mind and knowledges
desined long time ago and not in a trend there days
having features unusuall to have in large cities
kept for somebody/something
being in a state of moral despair
unnecessary lack of consideration due to underestimation of surroundings
extremely filled with
agreening with oppinion of majority
prompting a doubt
lacking of deepness, first considered
deserving to be belived in
persuaded or put into motion effortlessly
woved proequal postion to some concepts/people/..
being complicated in structure or logically tangled
out of date
pure from the geart of time
taking attention for it's pleasing features
high acceptance postiton/idea/person
keeping the sagest, most tolerand and uncontradicting action/decision/state/..
filled with energy and positive emotions
being far away