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Life Science Ch 10 Crossword 2

Name _____________Date ___________
Note: For answers that have two words there are no spaces inbetween the words.
The closing of a Venus flytrap is an example of _____.
A plants growth response to light.
The ______ cells allow the stomata to open and close in order the lease from losing to much water or not enough.
Unlike herbaceous stems, _______ stems are hard not flexible.
_________ enters a plant through its root hairs and then enters the plants roots From there it enters the plants xylem and is transported throughout the plant leaving as vapor through the leaves.
This is a layer of living cells located between the plant's xylem and phloem that is constantly growing producing more xylem and phloem.
The ______ layer is directly above the lower epidermis and consists of loosely packed cells that carry on photosynthesis and have many air spaces between them.
Unlike the cuticle found only in leaves, the _______ is the outermost tissue of leaves, young roots and young stems.
The _____ layer is directly below the upper epidermis and consists of tall, thin, closely packed cells that carry on the majority of photosynthesis.
This is caused by the presence of water and causes the plant to be stiff in order to help support the plant and keep it upright.
______ are plant pigments that control photoperiodism ( the response of a plant to changes in the length of light and dark periods.
Throughout plants there are millions of _______ (rigid outer boundaries of cells) that provide strong support for plants.
These are reversible, repeatable plant movements that are caused by changes in turgor pressure.
The upward growth of a stem is an example of negative _________.
____ is a type of plant hormone that stimulates plant elongation.
The stomata are small openings in the leaves of plants, however the _______ are small openings in the bark of woody plants.
Wood is a collection of _______ in woody plants.
________ tropism is growth toward a factor.
_________ are chemicals produced by living cells that stimulate plant growth, control fruit ripening, and kill weeds.
When the ____ of a tree has been girdled the phloem is removed but the xylem remains.