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Life Science Ch 10 Crossword 1

Name _____________________Date _________
Just as a carrot is an example of a taproot system, grass is an example of a ___________ root system.
The three main organs on a plant are the roots, stems, and _______.
These are eukaryotic, multicellular, and have cell walls containing cellulose.
In this type of leaf arrangement two leaves are attached at a single node.
Most of a plant's water enter through its _______.
This is the pressure within a plant cell that is caused by the presence of water.
These are plastids that are found in all plants.
A plant's anatomy is describing it's _________. (what the plant is made up of)
The region on a stem where a leaf is or was attached.
Ketucky blue grass as well as all other types of grsses have a _________ venation.
This carries water upward from the roots to a plants leaves.
The loss of water through small openings in a plants leaves, called the stomata.
Plant cell walls contain ________, which are made up of long chains of sugar molecules.
This carries a sugar solution formed in photosynthesis to the rest of the plant
All flowers have stems that are soft, flexible, and often green which are called ______ stems.
A plants physiology is related to anatomy but instead describes a plants ________. (how each part of a plant works.
This is the study of plants.