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Life Science Ch 11 Crossword

Date ________________
Nonvascular plants such as ferns produce _____ using sori.
_______ is the beginning of growth for a new plant
Nectar and petals are two both attract ________.
Mosses aren't very tall because they lack ______ _____ that would make transporting water easier. (two words no spaces)
Diploids are organisms that have _____ of every kind of chromosome.
A _____ is made up of a stigma, style and an ovary.
Male and female haploid cells used in reproduction are called ______.
The giant sequia is a vascular seed plant meaning it produces ______.
_______ are true mosses.
Non-vascular plants contain epidermal cells, spores, and chloroplasts but, not ______ and phloem.
The stigma is the sticky part of a plant that receives _____.
The stored food in a plant can also be referred to as the ________.
The pistil is the female _______ structure.
_______ produce fruits and seeds.
The ____ is the mature ovary with seeds.
The ____ protect flowers during development and are the outermost part of a plant.
Conifers, redwood trees and pines are all examples of _____.
The stamen is the ____ reproductive structure.
Vascular plants with silica in their cell walls, such as horsetails, can be used as an _______.
Rhizomes are _____ stems that produce roots and leaves of ferns.
Alternation of generations has two stages the gametophtye and the _______ (which is also more often seen ).
A plant____ is the structure that holds pollen
The three parts of a _____ are the embryo, the stored food, and the seed coat.