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Issues in Education

A situation in which a majority or an individual of a majority is denied certain rights because of preferential treatment provided to a minority or an individual of a minority.
A criterion used by the U.S. Supreme Court to determine whether services provided to nonpublic school students benefit children, not a particular school or religion.
The differences in academic achievement, especially as measured on standardized tests, among groups of students based on their race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, native languages, sex, and exceptionalities.
Legal and/or social separation of people on the basis of their race.
Which amendment ensures equal educational opportunity?
An educational construct that values diversity, promotes social justice, and provides equality to all students.
"In the place of a parent"
The process of mixing students of different races in school.
Which amendment ensures freedom of speech, of religion, and of the press?
Which amendment grants responsibility for education to each state?
The behavioral, cultural, and psychological traits typically associated with one sex.
Policies and procedures designed to compensate for past discrimination against women and members of minority groups (for example, assertive recruiting and admissions practices).
The entanglement of church and state.
An educational program for teaching English to speakers of other languages without the use of the native language for instruction.
The economic condition of individuals based on their own or their family’s income, occupation, and educational attainment.
A social construct for classifying people by physical traits or ancestry.
The opportunity for a teacher to teach without coercion, censorship, or other restrictive interference.
The required time, typically one to three years, during which a beginning teacher must demonstrate satisfactory performance as a basis for seeking tenure.
Test that asks 3 questions; (1) Does the act have a secular purpose? (2) Does the primary effect of the act either advance or inhibit religion? and (3) Does the act excessively entangle government and religion?
Not based on or related to religion.
When educators retain their positions indefinitely unless they are dismissed for legally specified reasons.