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HUM 101 Ch 9 Medieval Culture

A literary or rhetorical device, such as the use of a metaphor or irony
A royal rule or decree, especially made by a Frankish king
Style of European art and architecture from 9th -12th centuries, descended from Roman styles
Lifestyle under religious vows in which a community of people shares a an ascetic existence in order to focus on spiritual pursuits
Relating to public worship
_____Bible. a late 14th c version of the Bible, largely translated into Latin by St Jerome
The presence and arrangement or design of windows and doors in a building
A covered walkway
A person of great learning and achievement in several fields of study, especially unrelated fields such as the arts and sciences
Side parts of a church plan with a crossing square, crossing the nave at right angles
Semicircular space above the doors of a cathedral
Dominant social system in medieval Europe
Of Charlemagne
Room dedicated to writing
A room used for communal dining, as in a monastery or college
The native dialect or language of a region or country, as contrasted with a literary or foreign language
The central aisle of a church