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Physical Science U4B

a single chemical compound or element that is found in nature
the force required to deform an object
a long, chainlike molecule made up of repeating units joined end-to-end
the quantity that characterizes how a solid is deformed due to a stress
solids with abnormally high electrical conductivity
a force equal to mass x acceleration due to gravity
plastics that have low elongations and cannot be recycled
man-made materials derived from carbon compounds, mostly oil and petroleum products
ability to be hammered into shapes
the amount of kinetic energy that a material can absorb without breaking
plastics that have high elongations and can be recycled
substances that are intermediate in their ability to conduct electricity
a device used to measure the pressure of an enclosed gas
ability of certain liquids to dissolve in each other
materials that have fixed volume but whose shape depends on the container
material that either does not conduct electricity at all or has a very low conductivity
a measure of the resistance of a liquid to flow
the resistance of a material to failure (rupture or breaking in two)