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PSYCH Review 3

Inferred characteristic usually defined as the ability to profit from experience, acquire knowledge, think abstractly, act purposefully, or adapt to changes in the environment
The tendency of people to believe that a statement is true or valid simply because it has been repeated many times
The drawing of conclusions or inferences from observations, facts, or assumptions
Program of shared rules that governs behavior in a community of society
Distinctive and relatively stable pattern of behaviors, thoughts, motives, and emotions that characterizes an individual
The tendency for people’s choices to be affected by how a choice is presented, or framed; for example, whether it is worded in terms of potential losses or gains
"Forced choice" a participant must select answers from pre-established choices
Last name of the creator of the inkblot test
He conducted a study in which 2/3rds of the participants gave increasing levels of shock to another subject every time an error was made
Explicit laws and implicit cultural conventions about how people are supposed to act