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World War II

Teacher: Robert
Highest ranking German officer, referred to as the "Desert Fox"
The name given to the Nazi exterminiaton of 6 million Jews
British policy of giving into the Germans as to prevent war
Supreme Allied commander (US)
Code name for the D-Day invasion (2 words)
Last battle in northern Africa 9 words)
Battle in Italy as Allies move into the "soft underbelly" of Europe
Leader of US during first years of WWII
Site of first meeting of the Big Three (Stalin/FDR/Churchhill)
President of US as WWII ends
Conquered by Italy before start of WWII
Last German offensive of WWII (4 words)
Leader of Great Britain during WWII
Turning point of war in Europe
The bombing of this naval base by Japan brought the US into WWII (2 words)
Leader of Germany during WWII
Leader of USSR during WWII
This nation was invaded by Japan in 1931
Turning point of war in the Pacific