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Intro Sociology: Part III Terms and Concepts

(*) after a clue indicates two word answer with no empty grid space between the words
System in which groups of people are divided into layers according to their relative power, property, and prestige
Negative & persistent judgment based on little or incorrect information about people in group
A major predictor of poverty is sex of person who heads household*
Learning any social pattern takes place in groups-learning to be deviant also takes place through group association*
Disparity between men and women’s earnings*
People with inherited characteristics that distinguish it from another group
The inexorable application of the law of cause and effect
Movement of individuals within a society’s stratification system
Intentional & harmful action taken by member of dominant group in society against member of subordinate group*
Once wealth is accumulated, opportunities to make more money multiply*
Unfair treatment of people because they belong to particular group
Behaviors that violate norms held by society’s members
Explanations for why social arrangements are right and proper*
Process whereby students are divided into categories so that they can be assigned in groups to various kinds of classes
Deviant label given to certain people who then come to accept the label and begin to act accordingly*
Gender display expectations seem natural*
Biological, genetic composition of individual – normally determined before birth
Ability to control the behavior of others, even against their will
Attitudes, self-concepts, and conduct expected of a person of a given sex in a particular society
Determined group identity with one another and on basis of common ancestry & cultural heritage