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Plant Vocabulary

Female structures of gametophyte plant that produce ova
Leafy green, fan-like structures of ferns
Male reproductive structure in higher plants
Male structures of gametophyte plant that produce sperm
Plant cell layer that controls passage of materials in and out
Holdfasts that keep plants anchored
Process of converting light energy to glucose
Movement of sugars via concentration gradients
Meristematic tissue that runs the length of the plant body
Cell division that produces two daughter cells genetically identical to parent
Plant cell layer made of cellulose
Powerhouse of the cell; produce ATP (energy)
fluid conducting tube; visible vascular tissue in leaves
Organelle where photosynthesis takes place
Tissue involved in transport of water and dissolved nutrients
Female parts of flower; innermost structures
Spore-producing plant
Gamete-producing plant
Contains half the chromosomes; not paired
Leaf stem of a dicot leaf; attaches leaf to branch
Tiny root-like structures for anchoring
Outermost modified leaf structure present in flowers; photosynthetic
Post office of the cell; package and transport proteins
Meristematic tissue found at the tips of roots and stems; elongation
Cell division of diploid parent cell producing four haploid daughter cells
Waxy layer that prevents water moving back out of xylem
Tissue involved in transport of sugar-rich fluid
Cells that open and close each stoma
Protein producer of cell
Found on underside of fronds; contain clusters of sporangia
Haploid photosynthetic structure of ferns; develops into gametophyte
Contains RNA; involved in ribosome production
Male structures of flower; surround female parts
Where embryonic food is stored in seed of monocots
Openings on leafy surfaces; gas exchange
Ovarian structure of angiosperms