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Psychological Disorders P1

If a person's initial reaction to a physical function not working is calm, this is called ____________ indifference.
A vague feeling that one is in danger
An uncontrollable pattern of thinking the same thoughts over and over
A perception that has no direct external cause
This type of schizophrenia involves incoherent language, inappropriate emotions, hallucinations, and delusions
A disorder that describes a person who is in good health and becomes preoccupied with imaginary ailments
This term describes a point where symptoms of schizophrenia have declined enough for an individual to resume "normal" life
A false belief that a person maintains in the face of contrary evidence
An uncontrollable repeating of coping behaviors
When amnesia is paired with active flight to a new location, this is called dissociative _________.
This argument of the cause of schizophrenia states that it is because of a chemical imbalance in the brain
This type of schizophrenia involves the patient remaining motionless for long periods before resuming normal actions
Memory loss that has no biological explanation is called dissociative __________.
A type of disorder where emotional difficulties are converted into the loss of specific physiological functions
This term describes abnormality as any deviation from what most people do
A group of disorders characterized by confused and disconnected thoughts, emotions, and perceptions
An intense and irrational fear of a particular object or situation
This term describes abnormality as anyone who fails to adjust to the world - physically, emotionally, and socially
This type of schizophrenia involves hallucinations and delusions that cause fear
This argument about the cause of schizophrenia states that it is because of heredity
A feeling of sudden, helpless terror