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Fire Education

Remember to watch your ____ when cooking.
Have your ____ displayed on your fridge.
Check electrical outlet ____ before plugging in a space heater.
Change your smoke detector/alarms batteries ____ a year.
Do not leave anything ______ near the stove.
Never let ____ near the stove unsupervised.
Turn pot handles ___ to avoid bumping into them.
Always have a ____ _____ in your kitchen.
Device that detects a fire.
____ low under smoke.
All ways keep ____ in your kitchen.
Make sure to keep the stove tops free of _____.
Call the __ _____ if there is a gas leak.
Don't forget to turn off your ____ when you are done.
Electrical cords are not _____ wiring.
Used to awake you when you are sleeping
Fire safety warning device.
What does the device, that you should keep on the same floor as your bedrooms, detect?
Something you can extinguish a grease fire with.
Blow out ____ before leaving the room or fall asleep.
When you are in an ______, call 911.
Use ____ when smoking.
A plan to get away from danger.
Every month, ___ your smoke detectors/alarms.
Do not be afraid to ask for ____.
Throw away any electrical cord that is broken and/or _____.
Make sure not to wear ____ clothing while cooking.
What type of towel should you place at the foot of the door?