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Torah Law or Grace Crossword Puzzle

A Torah principle must be applied this way in order to get a desired result.
No one wants to become this way because they rejected a Torah principle.
Principles do this for your prosperity.
How many components are there to the gospel message?
What do you receive when you see what God sees?
This is the system of God.
This is God's teaching and instruction.
If you reject the Torah who do you have faith in?
Salvation is always experienced this way.
If a person can never rule themself they will never rule this.
Yeshua is this in a kingdom.
What is the Hebrew name for Jesus?
In order to decide you future you must decide these
Self-confident people become this way to others.
Every Torah principle requires a series of these.
Obeying the Torah schedules this in one's life.
Something that changes the world around you.
In the Torah principles are not learned instantly but this way.
A Torah principle contains what kind of presence of God?
The principles of God create this in one's life.
This is a product of focus
Ignoring a Torah principle causes these.