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Animal Science 5.4 Vocab

A severe distention of the abdomen from gas, typically in ruminants caused by eating watery food or eating to quickly.
Deficient of hemoglobin, iron, or red blood cells.
A magnesium-deficiency disease of cattle or calcium and magnesium deficiency in sheep characterized by hyperirritability, muscle spasms in legs, convulsions. Typically seen when animals turned out into lush spring pastures.
A disease caused by not enough or too much of a specific nutrient in a diet.
A lack of.
The state or degree of begin poisonous.
An inflammation of the tissue that attaches the hoof to the foot; typically caused by overfeeding, concussion, or other factors.
Feeding animals less than a recommended amount.
Consuming too much feed and causing various digestible problems.
A pain in the abdomen caused by irregular muscular contractions, obstruction, spasm, or distension of the viscera.
An unwholesome or unnatural physical condition of a plant or an animal.
A shortage of food.