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Animal Science 5.5 Vocab

A feed or feed mixture that is relatively richer in a specific nutrient than the basic feed ingredients in a ration to which it is added.
The feed allowed to an animal during a 24-hour period, regardless of whether it is fed at one time, at different times, or over time.
The amount of feed ended to support an animal when it is doing no work, yielding no product, gaining no weight.
A ration-balancing tool used to determine the proportions of feedstuffs in a diet to provide a specific nutrient.
A person who is trained or an expert in the science of nutrition.
A daily allowance for feed; mixed to contain the correct amount of nutrients required to promote normal development, maintenance, lactation, gestation, or more.
The type and amount of food and drink habitually ingested by a person or an animal.
Data on feed composition or nutrient requirements calculated on the basis of the average amount of moisture found in the feed as it is used on the farm; sometimes referred to as air-dry.
The total amount of matter, as in a feed, minus the moisture it contains. Dry feeds in storage, such as cereal grains, usually contain about 10% water and 90% dry matter on a wet weight basis.