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Teacher: Stuart
The movement within the earth that causes rocks inside the earth to be moved to the earths surface.
The process in witch sediment moved by erosion is dropped and comes to rest.
Grains of sand and other sediment are eroded from hills and mountains and wash down a river to the ocean.
The chemical makeup of a rock; describes either the minerals or other materials in the rock.
When large pieces of the earths crust collide, some of the rock is forced downward.
Contains the element phosphorous, is mined and used to produce fertilizer, animal feed, and pesticides.
The process by witch sediment is removed from its source.
The sand grains have changed a lot, but they will change more.
Uplift and erosion exposed the igneous rock at the earths surface.
The size, shape, and positions of grains that make up a rock determines a rocks.
Split blocks of rock.
A naturally occurring solid mixture of one or more minerals and organic matter.
The continual process by witch new rock forms from old rock material.
A fine grained igneous rock, forms when lava that erupts onto earths surface cools rapidly.
The hot liquid that forms when rock partially or completely melts.