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KENTUCKY TRIVIA : Flowers and Crops

Prunus fruit produced in KY
Seemingly patriotic type of beech or holly tree
Official state tree of KY is the Tulip _______
Main tobacco type
Acorn bearer Black _____
Basic or Angel Wing
Most common tree in KY is the Red ______
Angelonia, aka "summer __________"
_____wood, or sorrel tree
Onion species favored in Italian Restaurants
Weeping _______
Type of spires Rumi might like
Legume huge in livestock feed
Color ash tree endemic to KY
"Two ____ in a pod"
Evergreen tree type
Salad staple
Fruit called "summer" or "winter"
Slicing, pickling and seedless gourd
It's for horses, they say
He was a Sargent to the Beetles
"You say _______, I say _______" (plural)
Vegetable grown in KY, but certainly not like in Idaho
Helenium ____ Gold
This herb is a rheum, or it can mean a fight
Make you cry to dice them up, but so healthy
Euphorbia _______ Frost
KY's biggest edible cash crop