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Art 107 Final Review Fall 2019

Period during which the cave paintings were made
The Royal Standard of Ur tells a story using what visual narrative device?
Creator of a powerful and realistic culpture of St. Mark
One important artist of the Italian Early Renaissance
The sculpture Kouros Boy is an example of what influence on Greek art?
Where we first see Islamic art develop a specific flair
This sculpture by Donatello became the symbol of Florence.
The goal of Gothic sculptors
What pharoah went against convention and was shown enjoying time with his family?
One of the primary sources of information about Greek art (2 words)
The number of times Justinian attended church at San Vitale.
This represented the climax of Hiberno-Saxon manuscript style
San Vitale in Ravenna, Italy, is known for artworks in this medium showing the Emperor Justinian with church officials
Where early Hiberno-Saxon manuscript illustration got its start
The least ornate of the Greek orders of architecture
Invented by Brunelleschi, this technique enabled artists to suggest depth in 2D compositions
This style was a combination of Christian, Celtic and Germanic elements (2 words)
The Equestrian Portrait of Marcus Aurelius was preserved because early Christians thought it was this man.
Lorenzetti's Good Government in the Country is notable because it's the first one of these since Roman times
The Dying Trumpeter shows tremendous detail and heightened emotion. What period of Greek sculpture is it an example of?
This pagan temple features a round cella
This 15th century artistic developmentscame from European contact with the Islamic Middle East
Early Christian churches were modeled on this traditional Roman building
A competition for these, won by Ghiberti, kept the artist's studio busy for many years. (3 words)
A hundred-year conflict pitting the bishops and emperor against the monks and laypeople over artwork of holy people (2 words)
Romanesque figurative relief work was inspired by this.
One of the most important cultures to arise in the ancient near east
He wrote one of the first art instruction books
Instead of building temples for their religious exercises, Persians held them here.
Tall stone markers carved with stories of battles, kings, and gods.
Stained glass is associated with what artistic style?