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Economics and Circular Economy (CE)

Target of EPR
Enables dematerialization, the...
In this economy we throw it away
Best game strategy
A barrier to recycling
Funding source for municipal budget amendment
This may qualify for a municipal budget amendment
Less change to product in this circle
Biomass, food, etc are on this side of the CE
This place adds deposit-return to their EPR
A hallmark of senior gov't funding
It brings together provincial and federal enviro ministers
One of Three Laws of Economics
Propelled by consumer demand
Along with supply affects price
A % change over time of goods
Monetary measure of market value
The low cost that competes with waste diversion
Used to impose ordered way to deal with issues
Sometimes referred to as the technical materials side
Renault says remanufacturing makes less
All games have them
Getting these right helps contract management
For Renault, raw materials make up 20% of the...
Possible part of a contract
Platforms to rent, swap or lend
Getting more profits is one
May effect commodity price
Small number of firms dominating market
Leasing products is a form of Product as a...
Where the transfer of goods occurs
Around 8M tonnes annually leak into the oceans
This company leases car batteries
For Renault, suppliers account for 57% of a cars...
Millions of economic interactions
Diversion regulations needed when recycling not
Being here might require government action
Demand for these could be 400X planet capacity by 2050
A regenerative economic model
Main municipal revenue source
This technology enables CE
Developer of a circular economy action plan
Maximizing cycles or circling...
EPR is one of six government policy...
When shared could cost municipality more
Theory applied to behaviour with few competitors