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Grade 5 Vocabulary- Part 2

Teacher: Mrs. Hileman
We have many of these that are guaranteed by the constitution.
For students, it includes doing your homework and bringing your materials to class.
Any living thing capable of carrying out life on its own
There are many of these that work together in your body.. for example, the muscular, skeletal and circulatory.
An order of preference based on how important something is.
To show to be just, right, or reasonable
To put in your own words, like when you are doing a research report.
A division of a poem consisting of series of lines arranged together in an unusually reoccurring pattern.
A way of thinking about a situation. People often have different ones about the same topic.
What an artist does when he draws the pictures of a book.
To make changes
Upright, or running in a direction of up and down.