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science life terms

Food for plants
An energy source
Plants grown in water instead of soil
Something that doesn't belong in an area
The air plants give out; the air humans breathe in
Example of a decomposer that is a one-celled living thing
A part of food in soil that helps living things stay healthy and grow
Populations that live and interact
Energy flows through this line-like example
Organisms such as mold & mushrooms that have no chlorophyll and live on dead and decaying things
System takes place in leaves where the green pigment chlorophyll captures the energy of sunlight
The air plants breathe in; the air humans breathe out
A place where plants and animals live together
Green pigment in leaves
These organisms get their energy by eating other organisms
Different species living in a place
An organism that gets its energy by breaking down dead organisms
A combination of food chains that shows how energy moves from the sun through the environment
Get their energy from the sun