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Bad Ass Female Characters in Science Fiction

A good shot with a bow and she volunteered herself in the Hunger Games to save her sister
Daughter of Galen Erso, the engineer that designed the Death Star, in Rouge One: A Star Wars Story
The only female superhero in the DC comics original Justice League, she also had a solo movie staring Gal Gadot
The female Marvel superhero that inspired Nick Fury to create the Avengers Initiative
An enemy of Batman named after a plant in DC comics who is also a botanist
The main character in The Handmaid's Tale
The smartest young witch at Hogwarts and Harry Potter's longtime best friend
The female spider-man from Spider-Man Into the Spider Verse
Switched factions from abnegation to dauntless after finding out that she is divergent
The feline burglar and jewel thief villain of Batman in the DC comics
Musician and creator of emotion picture Dirty Computer
The only female that was a part of the original Avengers team
Disney Pixar's incredible superhero mom who can stretch her body to unheard of lengths
Luke Skywalker's sister in the Star Wars franchise
The most famous vampire slayer who just happens to be a badass woman
The newest Jedi who is the star of the modern Star Wars trilogy