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Chapter 8 BJU Life Science 5th edition

Roots, stems, and leaves are the __ parts of a plant (173)
This type of cell regulates the size of the openings on either side of the stoma (168)
This layer of a leaf contains tightly packed cells and makes most of the plants food (168)
This contains chlorophyll and is also where photosynthesis takes place (168)
A capsule and stalk are what make up the ____ section of a bryophyte (159)
One of the structures within plant cells that is especially important to the survival of plants (170)
Any excess of ____ is converted into starches or oils for later use by the plant (169)
The waxy cuticle covers this part of the leaf (168)
In nonvascular plants, water and other materials are transported by ___ (158)
ALL nonvascular plants are ____ (158)
The lower section of a bryophyte structure (159)
Rhizoids ___ water and minerals (159)
Plants with woody stems produce ___.
Number of categories plants can be divided into (158)
Bark protects plants and help them retain __. (173)
The cell wall of plants are made largely of ___ (170)
Turgor pressure is caused by the presence of ___ inside a plant's central vacuoles (171)
Depending on the species, each node may produce single or multiple ___. (167)
Leaves use ____ to make food for the plant (168)
The job of cytoplasm in palisade layer cells is to circulate _____ so that each gets plenty of light (168)
These help the roots absorb more water by increasing the surface area of the root (167)
The gametophyte section of a bryophyte is green and leafy with attached, root-like ____ (159)
Nonvascular plants are fairly ___ because diffusion can transport water only so high (158)
The stomata allow ____ to move into and out of the leaf (168)
One of the structures within plant cells that is especially important to the survival of plants (170)
This plant part produces and supports leaves (167)
Leaves make this for the entire plant (168)
Cell walls, turgor pressure, and ___ help plants to stand upright
Rhizoids ___ the plant (159)
Xylem moves nutrients and ___ into the leaf (168)