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U.S. History Crossword #2

This Texas fortress was shelled and conquered by General Santa Ana and the Mexican army. (Hint: “Remember the __________!”)
He was known as the “little giant” (last name only).
Andrew Carnegie hired this man to serve as his enforcer in the steel industry.
Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant were trained as cadets at this famous military school.
Edison preferred direct current electricity, but this man preferred alternating current.
What is one of Dr. V’s favorite kinds of food?
This abolitionist doled out justice with knives, pikes, and broadswords (full name).
This man was the Republican Party’s first presidential candidate (last name only).
When confronted, members of the American Party would claim: “I know __________.”
The Confederacy for people in a hurry.
Rise and shine! The Second Great __________ inspired missionaries to create the Oregon Trail.
Former slave who unsuccessfully sued for his freedom (full name).
Founded in 1854, this political party is represented by an elephant.
The man who became president when Zachary Taylor died after filling himself with more food than was reasonable (last name only).
Another term for livestock, this word was often used to refer to slaves.
John D. Rockefeller made his fortune in oil, which was used to create this kind of fuel for lamps.
The __________ Purchase secured the southern portion of Arizona for the United States.
This Southern state was hesitant about joining the Confederacy.