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Chaptire 6 Vocabulaire 1

A cooked piece of bread.
Long French bread.
Part of a pig that comes in strips.
When something tastes good.
A drink that you have when it is cold outside, served on the Polar Express.
Drink that you have in the morning for breakfast.
Good source of potassium shaped like a crescent moon.
Liquid you put in cereal... After you put in the cereal not before.
What windows are made out of.
Thing that you drink liquids out of.
Material that you put on sandwiches with peanut butter or on toast.
Some say it is just like a Grape.
Silverware that you use to cut things.
A garnish that you put onto a table
Greatest people in the world.
Silverware that you use to eat food such as steak.
French Bread with butter and jam.
Put soup in this item or cereal.
What you do when you are hungry.