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7SS - European Culture, Sections 1-2

Power of the ______ - Parliament’s power over the king; they had to approve any new taxes the king wanted
"Papa" and the leader of the Roman Catholic church.
This group started as advisors to the king and ended up limiting the king's power and representing the people.
Things having to do with the Pope.
Name for the estate that people lived on in the feudal system.
Called the "Father of Europe" because of his influence and conquests in Medieval Europe.
This mayor of the palace was given the title of King by the Pope. He was the father of Charlemagne.
This Pope reached the peak of papal power when he took the title, "Vicar of Christ and claimed he had SUPREME authority over all.
Law that overrules local law
Royal officials sent to collect taxes and carry out royal law.
This group decides if there is enough evidence to bring an accused person to trial
A group of people chosen to make accusations
No Central Government; power is based on land ownership.
Leader of the Franks who embraced Christianity and established a relationship between the Franks and the Roman Church.
An Accusation in the law system
the English document that limited the power of the king
Divided the land into provinces, where a judge would perform trials. This strengthened the power of the king.
a document that listed the privileges of the townspeople.
_________ of the palace - leading palace official and the "real" power in the kingdom.
Where people moved to live that led to the decline of Feudalism.