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Cultural Anthropology

A temporarily leisured person who voluntarily visits a place away from home for the purpose of experiencing a change
This foraging theory states: individuals see to maximize the returns.
Every society has access to ________ _______. Land, Water, Plants, Animals
Hegemony by physical force
Making a modern interpretation seem authentic
These individuals have no land ownership due to their economic strategy. Hadza of Tanzania are an example.
Goods are collected from all members and reallocated in different patterns
Giving and Taking without the use of money
A seminal anthology which collected work from numerous scholars
Conquerors taken land from Natives.
A cultural base (normative culture)
These individuals practice land rotation or moving May allocate land for use
More workers = less work
U.S. has right to _______ property Sell, give away, bequeath
Hegemony by economic force