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Oligarchy in Sparta

to make someone pay money as punishment
an official order that prevents something from being used or done
a set of basic laws and principles that a country is governed by
to organize and control people firmly and strictly
money or property that one receives when someone else dies
the way in which a lot of people are organized to work together to do a job or control a company or country
a system of organization in which people or things are divided into levels of importance
government policy concerned with the country’s relations with other countries, especially in trade and defense
very exact
property and money that a woman gives to her husband when they marry in some societies
the magistrates, or governing officials, in Ancient Greece
to force a country or group of people to be ruled by you, and control them very strictly
no rules associated with (not tight)
in Greek mythology, the king of the gods, and ruler of the universe
the act of becoming involved in an argument, fight, or other difficult situation in order to change what happens
not liking changes in ideas or politics
rank or title that can be passed down in the family
work well with tasks without wasting much time, money, or energy
an opinion that everyone in the group agrees with or accepts
The beliefs, way of life, art, and customs that are shared and accepted by people