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Torah Law or Grace? Chapter 2

This type of thought results in a linear timeline of God's revelation and manifestation
He has no boundaries
This type of thought is consistently circular and eternal
The Biblical cornerstone of Jewish faith is called the
One of the ten commandments - You shall have no other
YHVH knowing all things
Teaches that God eternally exists in three distinct persons
In the Book of Romans Paul teaches is that it is based solely on faith in Yeshua
Makes an issue out of Law or Grace
The Laws of Kashrut are these types of Laws
The ritual application of the law defined the distinct identity of the Jewish People prior to the coming of the
Non-jewish believer
The salvation of the living God
Christians often state that the Hebrew roots teaching is trying to put them under this
Believers in the first and second century were taught this
The first century "Church" consist predominantly of these people
You don't decide your future, Your decide this
Teaches that the Holy Spirit is God but cannot exist at the same time as the Father or the Son
YHVH existing everywhere at all times
YHVH all - powerful
Does not separate God the Father, Son and the holy Spirit into eternally separate and distinct persons.
YHVH without beginning or end