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Christian Anthropology and the Theology of the Body

The study of God
Stated "God became human, so humans could become God"
We can speak a language of truth and lies with the very actions of our _____
_____ is an appetizer of heaven
Use reasoning to gain insight into how humans live, think, communicate, produce, and interact with their environments
By allowing ourselves to be adopted into God's own life we are _____
Human are _____ beings but cannot be explained as merely physical beings—a collection of cells, tissues and organs
Only man posses this
The science or study of humankind
The philosopher Aristotle defined man as a "__________"
Part of the natural world, but also set apart from it
What means "I am completely yours and give myself totally to you"
Is a two act play: in the first act, God becomes human in Jesus. in the second act, we humans are to become like God--loving, incorruptible and immortal
Means that humans are made from the beginning to share in the Devine life
Because of the Incarnation of _____, God has made himself visible in the flesh
Whatever its strengths and weaknesses, we learn about giving, _____, and looking beyond ourselves for others
Being made in the divine likeness is the key reference point for understanding all aspects of humanity, including sexuality; humans are created as a "duel being", male and female
The chapters of _____ is the basis for a Christian understanding of humanity
Serves as the training ground for how to love others
Humans are created as fundamentally _____