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Christianity 101

Author: Salsa
Have faith. If U do not __ it is not b/c U have an intellectual problem but a moral 1. Adrian Rogers
Christ, the sole soul saver
Flesh suit. Communion celebrates Christ's __ & blood
Depend. __ on Jesus 4 salvation
Spiritual illumination. Jesus said: I am the __ of the world. John 8:12
Endless afterlife. God saves penitent souls 4 all __
Resurrection Sunday
Choice between 2. Either __.
Male pronoun
Do not do this if God tells U 2 stop
Wicked, unethical
Eden's garden gal or night B4
Satan, the enemy of my soul
Merely human, not divine
Condemned 2 hell 4 all eternity
Fire residue
Prayer posture
Surplus, additional
Hedonist, idol worshipper
Tranquility, a fruit of the Holy Spirit
Holy Scripture. The __ is the Book that reads U
Climbing tool. The cross is the only __ 2 heaven. Acts 4:12
Chaste woman. Jesus was born of a __
Delight. Clean living leads 2 long-term __, sin ushers U into everlasting agony eventually
Soul redemption. 4ever 4giveness from sin via Christ
Vision. Gaze where U should & that will clear your __. Shakespeare
Sacred sacrificial platform. Kneeling @ the __ alters your life
Foot digit
Wicked. The devil is __
Humped Holy Land critter
Despise. __ is a loveless sin
Lifegiver, Creator
Excommunication curse on heretics
Audio visual (ab)
Exist. To __ or not to __, that is the ?
Jesus healed in this Holy Land region around Tiberias
Futile pride, narcissism
Jesus' birth cut the timeline of history into BC & __
Wood 4 carpenters (like Christ)
Light. The Bible is a __ 4 my feet. Psalm 119
Seal-the-deal prayer ending
No longer alive. Jesus will resurrect the __ to Paradise or perdition. John 5:29
Nasty old witch